Airsoft Rules & Safety

The WAR Adventures Rules and Safety information below is designed not to restrict, but protect the safety of our participants and ensure each player has a good time. In developing these rules, we tried to balance realism, game play and safety.

Elimination/Hit Rules

The game is all about fun , so the time out of play is kept to the minimum

  • ANY hit from a BB anywhere on your body is an elimination/hit
  • Gun hits do count
  • Ricochets count. Any hit from a BB ricochetting off an object close to you (wall, tree, your gun, etc.) counts
  • Friendly fire (hits from team mates) count and both players are eliminated

In the event of an elimination, the eliminated player must yell “HIT!” raise arm to signal hit, then put hit marker over head

Player Safety Rules

Eye protection supplied MUST NEVER be removed during play

  • Goggles REQUIRED. Impact rated goggles or glasses must be worn at all times on the game fields
  • Full face protection is OPTIONAL- but is advised to be worn at all times on the game fields
  • No shooting players closer that a distance of 5 meters, Instead point gun at player and call “bang” they will thank you
  • Never shoot a gun into or within a safety area

If you see someone without their goggles during gameplay, call “EYES!”  loudly to halt the game and have that player leave the filed to collect goggles. Please report any rule breaking to the event organiser

Gun Power Limits

Supplied guns fire at 350 fps on semi automatic, if you wish to use your own then:


  • 400 fps limit with 0.2g BB for all Full Auto
  • 500 fps limit with 0.2 g BB for all semi-auto/bolt action sniper rifles
  • 350 fps limit with 0.2g BB for ALL pistols


  • 350 fps limit with 0.2g BB during indoor CQB style games.
  • These are Limits, we suggest a gun shooting 320 to 380 Fps is ideal for most open air events.